SEC Post-Spring Power Rankings - #7 - Mississippi State Bulldogs

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This season the Bulldogs have the highest expectations the program has had in many years.  It is a combination of many factors that  has combined this season to give Mississippi State fans a reason to ring their cowbells very loud.  As it always does in the game of football it starts at quarterback with Dak Prescott.  At the end of last season Prescott really got rolling as the Bulldogs ended the season on a 3 game winning streak.  His confidence seemed to finally rise to the level that he needs in order to suceed in the SEC.  Returning along with Prescott on the offensive side of the ball are seven other starters that give the Bulldogs a great deal of continuity.

On the defensive side of the ball the Bulldogs also return eight starters.  The strength of the defense will likely be the offensive line where returning starters Kaleb Eulls, Preston Brown and Chris Jones could be a big part of a very formidable defensive front.  If the Bulldogs offense can control the ball with their running game and make teams panic and think they need to score fast a guy like Chris Jones could feast on quarterbacks while Jamerson Love and Justin Cox pick off a few passes for game changing plays. 

Also working in the Bulldogs favor for once is the schedule.  They start of the season with three non-conference games they should certainly win, they drew Vanderbilt and Kentucky from the SEC East and they get Texas A&M and Auburn at home.  LSU and Alabama will be very tough but as of right now you have to like the Bulldogs chances to potentially be an 8-9 win team this season.

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